The Must-Have Hijabi Friendly Fabrics for 2024

The Must-Have Hijabi Friendly Fabrics for 2024

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Why Woven Fabrics are so Popular this Season

With the arrival of spring, fashion trends are shifting towards lightweight, breathable fabrics that offer both style and comfort. Woven fabrics have emerged as the frontrunners of this season, coveted for their effortless elegance and quality construction. Let's delve deeper into the allure of woven fabrics and why you should make the switch this season.

Modal: The New It Hijab

Modal Hijab - Pear

Over the last year or so, you may have noticed a not-so-gradual increase of modal hijabs adorned by your favorite influencers, friends and on social media as a whole. 
Other materials may still remain a staple fabric in our closets, but modals, pashminas, and other woven materials have taken over the spotlight. One of the most common reasons cited by women who are favoring modal hijabs is the desire to simplify their look with a breathable and lightweight fabric. Unlike other fabrics which often require pins and magnets to keep it secure throughout the day, the modal hijab enthusiast opts for a pinless, thrown-over-the-shoulder style that is as sleek as it is effortless. Gone are the days of folding over your hijab to get that perfect drape or rummaging through your drawers searching for a hijab pin— this season there’s a need for our hijabs to feel elevated and chic, without compromising on comfort.

Explore Modal Hijab - Pear

Bamboo Woven Hijabs: A Breath of Fresh Air

Bamboo Woven Hijab - Moonbeam

Woven fabrics are also increasing in popularity due to growing consumer concern with eco-friendly materials and most importantly, general comfort. The 100% bamboo fabric used in our Bamboo Woven hijabs creates a lightweight, airy, and cool to the touch material that rivals the effortless look of modal. Its versatile and textured design makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear while also maintaining a luxury feel that pairs with any upscale look.

Discover Bamboo Woven Hijab - Moonbeam

Woven Apparel: Layer Modestly, All Year Long

Essential Woven Open Abaya - Olive

Shop Essential Woven Open Abaya - Olive

Layering can be a frustrating necessity in a hijabi's wardrobe. When temperatures dip in the cooler months, wearing coats or cardigans over tops to add modesty to your look is an easy way to stay warm. As spring approaches, however, maintaining modesty and comfort in hot weather can be a challenge, especially without the right fabrics. 

Malika Open Abaya - Cloud
Explore Malika Open Abaya - Cloud

Last year's linen trend has paved the way for numerous other woven, airy fabrics: modals, bamboos, and rayons. The beauty of woven apparel lies in its lightweight fabric which is airy while still maintaining its modest opacity. You can easily pair a long sleeve dress underneath a billowing woven abaya, as shown with our Malika Open Abaya pictured above, or opt for a more lightweight sleeveless dress with a weightless and elegant abaya like our Azka Abaya set, pictured below:

Azka Tie Front Abaya - Unbleached

Shop Azka Tie Front Abaya - Unbleached

Summing up, woven fabrics have become the hallmark of summer fashion, offering a blend of comfort, style, and quality that are unmatched. Embrace the lightweight, flowy, and effortlessly chic nature of woven pieces this season and elevate your wardrobe with these exquisite options that will make you stand out in any crowd.

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